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Frameworks  - Defining key messages - Mannerisms of the Target customer
Routes to client - 
Measures and management
Message management; graphics, design and content  Country by country alignment

Resource assembly - Motivations and movement  bringing your message alive Product & Service
training materials -
Killer Presentations M62
People & programming  


Negotiated to suit you and me -see Working with NMI - Find out more


Key Benefits

We promise - at the end of the day - You will have the edge on other presentations. You will understand international market delivery and start to manage your international sales performance.

This knowledge will align the secret power of teamwork with practical tools that will give you the ability to work successfully in international markets.

This intervention is powerful and it will positively affect the way you communicate with your audiences and the impact that will have on their buying habits.


Delivery Style

All NMI interventions / workshops and training use a flexible structure that builds upon your team's "identity" and leverages performance to get results. 

Programs are adapted to suit your needs, wants and expectations along with those of your core team. SEE Working with NMI - to Find out more

Delivery frequently means rolling up my sleeves and working alongside you and your team to gain practical experience, and offer real reflection and perspective development potential. 

We will review and debate and then apply and test, using a safe facilitated environment. Most importantly - we do not read out slides, use countless bullet points -  We just encourage and lead group interactions, innovations and team involvement aligned with performance.



£ by Negotiation - May work for Pie!


Pre Course

In advance of your intervention / workshop / training, we need to schedule a 180-360 degree review of your product / services, systems, processes and people.