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Key Benefits

We will develop the tools, the techniques and the confidence & capability needed to deliver really powerful propositions on your technical products & Or services.

Your team will learn the skills that will effectively leverage performance and get results.



By negotiation to suit you and me - the scope of what we aim to achieve needs to be proportionate - The length of string!


Cost & Content


Overcoming Internal & external fears, message projection - methods and measures, posture and process, systems, procedures and people structures, Event planning, practice, performance & polish.


£ By Negotiation - may work for Pie!


Pre Course

In advance of your intervention / workshop / training, we need to schedule a 180-360 degree review of your product / services, systems, processes and people. 


Delivery Style

All NMI interventions / workshops and training use a flexible structure that builds upon your team identity and performance. 

Programs adapt to suit your needs, wants and expectations along with those of your core team. No tests, exams and reports are written on anyone's "individual" performance - but your team performance will be assessed and reviewed.

Delivery frequently means rolling up sleeves and working alongside you and your team to gain practical experience, and share reflection and perspective. 

We will review and debate and then apply and test, a safe facilitated environment. Next in a role out scenario with reviews team and personal action plans.

Most importantly - we do not read out slides, we do not use bullet points! We encourage group interaction, innovation and team involvement in performance.