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Teams Unlimited

Simon Coates and Dennis Coates - Teams Unlimited  







Papers Published in Emerald & Personnel Today / Inst of Mgt Consulting


Simon Coates

Prior to Skippering and consultancy, Simon held sales, management and training roles throughout the UK, China and much of Europe and Asia. He's a professional skipper Yachtmaster Instructor (Ocean) and has benefited from working alongside some of the world's top occupational psychologists in developing new approaches to Team and Leadership Development.

This variety of experiences has led to an interactive style that enables Simon to connect with people effectively at all levels. He combines the latest in good practice to develop yachts, skippers and crew performance (read teams, families and friends).

He's worked with domestic and international industries from; scientific, IT, through professional services. Simon's also author of ‘Teams Unlimited'.

His enthusiasm, humour and energy ensure that interventions are an enlightening and inspiring experience. 

Academic Qualifications:

  • Advanced Facilitation
  • Adult Teaching and Training
  • Electronic Engineering Fibre optics & Computer Technology

Experiential Qualifications:

  • Instructor Yachtmaster (Ocean), Sea Survival & ships 1st Aid
  • Advanced Team Facilitator
  • Soft skills Training
  • management consultant

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