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RYA & bespoke Theory & Practical Sailing Courses

Skippers Voyage

Skippers Voyage

Learn to be the skipper your crew deserve

Whilst RYA qualifications and practical experience equip you to sail your boat, they teach you little about how to transform your crew into a high performing team and even less about how to be the kind of skipper that people want to sail with.


Yacht Take-off & Landing

Pre Course Requirements:  NONE 


International Certificate of Competence

Pre Assessment Requirements:  CEVNI TEST (required if certificate to be valid for inland waters). The required standard of knowledge, skill and attitude is considered to be just under that required for the Day Skipper - Practical


RYA Day Skipper - Theory

Pre Course Requirements:   NONE

RYA Day Skipper - Practical

Pre Course Requirement: You should have at least 5 days, 100+ miles and 4+ night hours sailing experience plus basic navigation / sailing abilities. 


RYA Coastal & Yachtmaster - Theory

Pre Course Requirement:  Theoretical & practical knowledge to day skipper level


RYA Coastal Skipper – Practical

Pre Course Requirement: You should have at least 15 days onboard, 2 days as skipper, 300 logged nautical miles plus 8 night hours.  Knowledge of navigation to RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Theory level. 


RYA / MCA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence

Pre Course Requirement: 30 days onboard, 2 days as skipper. 800 logged nautical miles and 12 night hours, VHF/SRC Radio Certificate and First Aid Certificate. If RYA Coastal Skipper Completion Certificate is held, the mileage requirement is reduced to 400 miles.


Bespoke Sailing Instruction

When RYA courses don't quite fit your needs