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This theory course progresses from the knowledge, skills and attitudes gained from the Day Skipper theory course. Designed for those looking to undertake more demanding passages offshore, overnight etc. i.e. crossing the channel.

Covering advanced navigation techniques and 3 exams on chart work, meteorology and collision regs. Students gaining comprehensive knowledge to Yachtmaster standard.

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Group Size and Costs

10 students to 1 instructor but less for intensive courses

COST: Upon Application: 



40 hours taken over 5 Days or 3 weekends or evening classes. 
This course may be delivered at any suitable training venue; sailing club, school, village hall or private residence

Course Content

Pre Course Requirement: Theoretical & practical knowledge to day skipper level or powerboat level 2

Please let us know if you have any special dietary, medical conditions or need any support with learning materials. (See Recommended Resources)

Course Content:

Q&A  Learning styles  Position  Magnetic Compass 
Tides  Tidal Streams  Bouyage  Lights 
Pilotage  GPS & Chart plotters  Echo sounders  Logs 
Deck log  Metrology  Rules of the road  Safety at sea 
Environment  Navigation in restricted vis  Passage planning