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This course provides a safe platform to test and develop your ability to take charge of a yacht and skipper.
Your competencies, skills, habits and behaviour as a skipper will be evaluated, reviewed and feed back to you by a friendly instructor.

Upon successful completion you will be able to navigate and skipper a small yacht in familiar waters by day.
This qualification is generally required to charter yachts in the UK & aboard.
Note. With this qualification you can / should apply for an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) which carries international recognition.

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Group Size and Costs

Up to 5 students to 1 instructor per boat.  
Minimum Age for certificate 16. 18+unaccompanied - 16-17 accompanied by an adult.

COST: Upon Application:  



5 days or 1 week or 3 x 2-Day Weekends or  1 x 2-Day weekend + a 3-Day weekend.

Typically starting at 8.30am and finishing around 4.30pm each day (+ night sail) with breaks whenever it suits.

We will live onboard a yacht partaking of the benefits of shore facilities and hospitality by mutual agreement.


Course Content

Pre Course Requirement: You should have at least 5 days, 100+ miles and 4+ night hours sailing experience. Plus basic navigation / sailing abilities. 

Please let me know if you have any special dietary, medical conditions or need any support with learning materials. (See Recommended Resources)

Course Content:

Q&A  Learning styles  Safety briefing  Preparations for sea 
Take off and landing   Deck work  Navigation  Pilotage 
Metrology  Rules of the road  Maintenance & Repair  Engines 
Provisioning  Emergency Situations  Handling (Power/Sail)  Passage making 
Night sailing
Exercises:  Boat management  Skippering  Steering 
Mooring  Sailing  MOB  and everything in between