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The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is a legal requirement of most European countries outside the UK.  (This Certificate can only be issued to UK residents)

The ICC is an assessment of seamanship and boat handling. NMI can optionally provide a bespoke training day in advance of the assesment covering; power & sailing, navigational ability, man overboard procedure and knowledge of the collision regulations. The required standard of knowledge, skill and attitude is considered to be just under that required for the Day Skipper - Practical.

Note.  CEVNI TEST (required if the certificate is to be valid for inland waters).

ICC's can be obtained from the RYA if you have successfully completed any of these:

  • Power boat level 2 (limited to power vessels less than 10m)
  • RYA Day Skipper, Coastal & Yachtmaster Practical


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Group Size and Costs

Up to 4 students to 1 instructor per boat.  

COST: Upon Application: 



1/2 Day. with breaks whenever it suits

Course Content

Pre Course Requirement: You should have Day skipper Theory or equivalent knowledge plus suitable sailing experience.

Please let me know if you have any special dietary, medical conditions or need any support with learning materials. (See Recommended Resources)

Assessment Content:

Regulations  Safety  Pilotage  Navigation 
CENVI where applicable       
Exercises:  Boat management under power  Coming alongside  MOB 
Confined space turn  Sailing on all points