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This is a 1 - 3 day intensive course designed to give the ability to moor sailing yachts under power without fuss or damage.

Ever noticed how marinas are generally set up with the visitor's moorings located in front of the bar? - So patrons can relax with a drink and watch yachts crash and relationships dissolve right in front of them.  This course is the cure and may save your marriage & relationships!

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Group Size and Costs

max 4 students to 1 examiner per boat. 
Minimum Age:18+ unaccompanied - 16-17 accompanied by an adult.
Younger people should be with their parents and ideally on a private charter

On Application 



1 day - starting at 8.30am finishing at 4.30pm with breaks whenever it suits.
By mutual agreement we could take 45 minutes for lunch.


Course Content

Previous Experience required: NONE
Please let us know if you have any special dietary, medical conditions or need any support with learning materials.

Course Content:

Q&A  Learning styles  Safety briefing   Hull design 
Planning for departure  Boat design  Pivot point  Skid 
Water flow / steering  Bow thrusters  Prop design & function  Thrust effect & rudder 
Current flow- direction / rate?   Wind - direction / rate  Obstacles & Escape   Springs 
 Crew - prep and engagement Etiquette & Costs if it goes wrong  Comming alongside  Turning in confined space 
Control with and without steerage way Ferry gliding