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NMI Values


"Be an inspirational catalyst to performance for companies & individuals and champion the rewards of better working practice"


  • To identify the triggers of effective performance in your team
  • To elicit good engaging behaviors that energise performance outcomes
  • To add pleasure to working in: Teams, management


  • Honesty - Don't lie -your just kidding to yourself!
  • Measure - What's real and meaningful to get real performance outcomes
  • Enthusiasm - Learn what Seize the Day means to your team
  • Inclusive - Everyone can play if you want them to

Contracting NMI


1st - We'll talk 
Call it an interview for a team role, or a simple meeting outlining what an intervention needs to deliver and how I can gain real understaning of what it takes to walk in your shoes and your team's footprints.  

Next soon as I understand your and your team's 'real' working situation, we'll discuss what "outcomes" will really impact your business performance and how they can be brought about.


Whilst gaining understanding from the inside then I'd expect to deliver that roles outputs and be rewarded accordingly. At the least you'll get an exemplary induction program and normally a star employee.

 Next Intervention costs are broken into:

Development -  any further research needed / good Key Performance Indicators vs ?  

Delivery - Team meeting, Workshops - activity events - process evolvments, systems development

Interventions will be according to an agreed agenda in terms of specific goals and target outcomes.

We will work together to deliver measured outcomes alongside/in-line with your business needs, goals and limitations.

Negotiate =  I can work for either a Daily rate (£250 - £500.00) based on contract period) or based upon an agreed (Return On Investment reward basis - i.e. Equity or Pie) 

NMI Training leverages:


Simon Coates

Simon held sales, management and training consultant roles throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

He’s a passionate and professional sailor (principal of NMI) and author of ‘Teams Unlimited.’

His enthusiasm, humor and energy ensure that working or better yet sailing with Simon is always an inspiring experience.

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor, Skipper, team training & Racing.

Teams Unlimited We investigate how pulling together as a team, following orders when appropriate, and offering solutions in difficult circumstances may be applied successfully back at work.