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It's inevitable that when introducing new ideas, concepts or processes we'll find some people who simply do not see the point or the potential value to them as individuals / stakeholders. Objections result for many reasons - these are the most common ones we come accross:  

We cant spare the time

Time, not money is really our most precious resource, so the question really should be: "How much is it costing us now to be wasting time because of politics, confusion, internal competition and poor performance?"

Weve got real work to do

Real Work

The question should really be about efficiency. If you lose a one or two days answering e mails and phone calls vs. how much more effective you'll be over the next 2 weeks, 3, 6 or 12 months if we develop your performance now?


Executive Work Junkies

Executive Training
Many executives are hooked on the rush of working flat out. Time taken to reflect and review, develop and improve is an anathema. The question is without this time how can your really be working smart not just hard?

Mumbo Jumbo Rubbish

Mumbo Jumbo Training
OK agreed lots of training is. But if you're serious about improving your results, then so are we. We are going to challenge you to make better decisions faster and build your business based on our intervention.

Its not the way we do things around here

Not round here

Sometimes these objections are not confronted openly but dealt with passively, probably without malice but simply through fear of the unknown. Interventions are rejected quietly hoping and planning that life will continue as before and perhaps actively inspiring others to resist as well. 

NMI invests time at the outset of all intervention to gain commitment from all participants to enlisting support. e.g.

1. Initial conversation outlining goals, problems and opportunities

2. Scoping - Assessment and sharing understanding.  We will agree the changes desired and needed with leaders / stakeholders and how we will measure outcomes in a meaningful way. This may include reviewing learning resources and coaching.

3. Proposal & Plan

Developing knowledge by creating a learning journey together, rather than simply served up cold information and hoping it's absorbed.